• We are leading an industry shift towards modern digital hardware and latest software techniques
  • We provide infrastructure for marine vehicles and instruments, scalable from small probes to work-class ROVs
  • Our solutions enable faster time-to-market for new products
  • Our software provides unprecedented flexibility and expandability
  • Software features extend beyond individual vehicles to include fleet management, remote updates and support, and teleoperations

Software Features

Basic Control

  • Depth hold, altitude hold, magnetic heading hold
  • Attitude stabilization
  • Wide variety of supported controller inputs; gamepads, joysticks, keyboards, custom hand controllers, and more

Control Modes

  • Gyro heading hold, position hold, waypoint navigation (coming soon!)
  • Re-tuning not required when hardware sensors change
  • Arbitrary attitude hold

Data Recording

  • All vehicle data is recorded to a single data file, easing post-processing
  • All data is time-synchronized

and Post-processing

  • Playback onsite to make sure mission is complete
  • Mark events during your dive
  • Use scripts (we have example ones) to post-process the data to extract just what you/your client needs

Video Pipeline

  • Low latency digital video pipeline
  • Multiple cameras
  • Control the bitrate and other functions of the camera
  • USB/IP based cameras

Topologies Supported

  • Support for dynamic and static IP
  • Support for concurrent multi-vehicle and multi-client operation
  • Support for control over remote links
  • Out-of-the-box zero-configuration support

Intuitive Pilot UI

  • Display video streams, switch between video streams, telemetry
  • Sonar display (coming soon!)
  • Map and navigation information (coming soon!)

Expansion Ability

  • Control lights, manipulators, tilt platforms, tooling, etc.
  • Add custom sensors and view telemetry (CP, UT, etc.)

User Development

  • Our use of open standards, such as DDS, allows you to interface your programs to our system


Feature Mission Robotics Benefits
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Control System  
Auto Heading  
Auto Pitch  
Auto Roll  
Auto Altitude  
Dynamic Positioning  
Dynamic Waypoint Following  
Point of Interest Orbiting  
Sonar Relative Positioning  
Chart Plotter  
Mission Planning  
Vehicle Diagnostics  


  • Built on top of open standards to allow user expansion and industry interoperability
  • Provides you a proven solution today as well as the features you need for the future
  • Accelerates your time to market for vehicle designs, sensor integrations, and custom projects

Vehicle OS & Pilot
Control Software

Marine-specific vehicle and control software built for pilot-in-the-loop and autonomous vehicles.

  • Supports Vehicle OS & Pilot Control Software
  • Superior camera performance: 60fps 1080p video, extreme light sensitivity, glass-to-glass latency <130ms
  • Operational efficiency: remote power switch, single unified PCB opens up space in enclosure, ESC telemetry feedback, subsystem power switching for load shedding and subsystem resets

for 4” Enclosure

All-in-one solution to retrofit BlueROV2 or other vehicles based on T200 thrusters.

  • Supports Vehicle OS & Pilot Control Software
  • PCBs can be customized to match vehicle requirements
  • Allows for retrofit of existing vehicles to modernize capabilities

Re-Packaged Solution for Custom Vehicles

Core functions repackaged for larger vehicles. To date has been deployed on vehicles up to 600kg.


  • CAN protocol used to reduce communication to a single twisted-pair
  • Fully embedded and standalone versions available
  • Supports PWM, GPIO, I2C, Serial, SPI, A/D

I/O Expander Board

Enables multi-bottle systems or systems where more actuators or sensors are needed.

  • Provides reliable operation in systems with difficult noise or grounding situations
  • Isolation protects rest of system from cable breaks and shorts
  • Small form factor allows for easy integration

Isolated Serial Boards

Isolated RS232, RS485, and LVTTL UART boards to connect peripherals to the system.

  • Dual 25W and single 50W boards available
  • Voltages supported: 5V, 12V, 24V (others available on request)
  • Control signal allows peripherals to be turned on and off
  • Provide your accessory with steady power when you have a variable-voltage main power bus

Isolated Power Supply Boards

Isolate and regulate power for your peripherals to increase performance and robustness.

  • 100Mbit/s and 1Gbit/s options available
  • Seamless mechanical and electrical integration with Slide-In-Electronics

Ethernet Switches

Connect ethernet peripherals to the system.

  • Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Removable connector and marine cable
  • Controllable bitrate up to 48Mbit/s
  • Depth rating 600m
  • Sapphire window for scratch resistance

External Camera

Low-latency, 60fps, high bitrate 1080p video with extreme low-light sensitivity.

  • Isolated power provides increased system robustness

  • Connect to the board via wire pads and terminal blocks, or via JST-GH connectors conforming to Blue Robotics standard

  • Small form factor allows for easy integration, including 2” tubes

Dual Serial to Ethernet

Connect serial devices to an ethernet based vehicle system.