About Mission Robotics

Mission Robotics Inc. develops cutting-edge Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems for exploring and protecting our planet’s undiscovered oceans. Well over eighty percent of the planet’s oceans remain unexplored, unobserved, and unmapped. This is partially due to limitations in ROV tech and sonar mapping. Mission Robotics rises to meet this challenge with sophisticated ROV systems, combining mechanical, electrical, and software engineering expertise with US Air Force and NASA engineering experience. With Mission Robotics, working in and exploring of Earth’s last uncharted frontier is made possible.

Mission Robotics is the brainchild of Brian Grau, Charles Cross, and Walt Holm. Together, the trio combines a quarter-century of ROV development experience as well as backgrounds in aerospace and autonomous vehicles. The Mission Robotics team previously developed ROV kits and and consumer products for OpenROV, lowering the cost of the tools, which resulted in democratized remote underwater exploration.

Brian Grau

Headshot of Brian Grau with an ROV in the background

Co-founder & CEO

Brian holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from SCU and has been building ROVs for more than a decade. He helped bring a number of products to market at OpenROV, most notably spearheading production for the OpenROV Trident, the first mass-produced underwater drone. He also worked as a Systems Engineer for an autonomous vehicle company, where he led the platform detail design for the company’s next-generation vehicle, ensuring the system would remain in a safe state under any single-point failure. He has a range of experience from designing parts and systems to running production lines, and everything in between.

Charles Cross

Headshot of Charles Cross with blue background

Co-founder & CTO

Charles holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from VCU. He began his career as a software engineer at NASA working on scientific instruments for the ISS and went on to specialize in robotics and embedded development for land, air, and sea vehicles. Charles worked as the principal software engineer on the OpenROV Trident project and afterwards led the development of a safety-critical teleoperations system for Voyage, an autonomous vehicle company. Charles’ primary focus lies in the development of robust, reliable systems, as well as the development of frameworks that promote modularity, extensibility, and connectivity.

Walt Holm

Walt Holm looking at camera while using a multimeter on a circuit board

Co-founder & Director of Engineering

Walt holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from MIT. His career started as a commissioned officer in the US Air Force, where he worked on research satellites. Since leaving the Air Force over twenty years ago, he has been a freelance engineering consultant, working on instrumentation problems in the aerospace, marine, and medical fields as well as designing consumer electronics. From 2013 to 2019 Walt was the principal electrical engineer at OpenROV.