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Hardware and Software
for a new era
of Marine Intelligence

Mission Robotics leverages decades of marine technology expertise to offer state-of-the-art, reliable, rigorously-tested software and hardware products that work across a wide range of vehicles. We understand your pain points and have created solutions that will allow you to focus on the big picture of growing and running your business.

OUR Platform

We are leading an industry shift towards modern digital hardware and the latest software techniques, allowing for seamless integration, recording and distribution of data. Our platform provides the infrastructure necessary for marine vehicles and instruments, scalable from small probes to work-class ROVs. Our software extends beyond the individual vehicle, with features for fleet management, remote updates and support, and teleoperations. The Mission Robotics solution enables faster time-to market for new products, and provides unprecedented flexibility and expandability for end users.

  • All software built on top of open communication standards and middleware, such as DDS and ROS2
  • Transparent, standardized access to data and control interfaces
  • Easily develop and integrate new hardware and software components
  • Standard products and accessories that scale across many vehicle types and size classes
  • Readily adaptable to custom form-factors and requirements
  • Built around the latest processing and compute options
  • Reliable for your needs today, but lays a foundation for future growth
  • Test vehicle designs, including thruster and camera placements, early in the design phase
  • Software-in-the-loop allows you to pilot your vehicles in a physics-based, simulated environment using the same pilot control interface
  • Drop infrastructure assets into the simulation to make sure the vehicle can maneuver to complete the mission
  • Fuse external sensor data (USBL, DVL, AHRS, INS) into vehicle state estimation
  • Basic control loops for depth and heading hold
  • Advanced controls for arbitrary orientation hold, position hold, and waypoint following
  • Support for novel vehicle designs and thruster/actuator configurations
  • All data (video, sensors, vehicle telemetry and client commands) is time-synchronized and recorded together
  • Built-in dive replay allows you to ensure all required data is captured while you are still on-site
  • Mark events during flight for rapid post-dive review


We give you peace of mind, delivering software and hardware that is engineered and tested to maximize uptime and minimize risk.

Vehicle OS & Pilot Control Software

Our integrated vehicle OS and piloting software have been purpose-built from the ground up to address the specific needs of marine applications. Together they enable:

  • Streamlined, zero-configuration, piloting application
  • Low-latency video from multiple cameras
  • Intuitive control experience
  • Straightforward integration of 3rd party sensors and actuators
Re-packaged solutions for customer vehicle
I/O expander boards
(for multi-bottle systems)
Isolated serial boards
(RS232, RS485, TTL)
Ethernet switches
Isolated Power Supply Boards
External camera

About us

Mission Robotics is the brainchild of Brian Grau, Charles Cross, and Walt Holm. Together, the trio combines a quarter-century of ROV development experience as well as backgrounds in aerospace and autonomous vehicles.

Co-founder & CEO

Co-founder & CTO

Co-founder & Director of Engineering