Focus on Your Mission, Not the Tools

Hardware and Software for a new era of Marine Intelligence

Empowering Domain Experts

We want people to spend their time answering questions and solving problems, not fighting with the tools they use.


Capturing, storing, and sharing data is crucial to the success of any research mission. Mission Robotics provides software that is flexible and efficient, quickly capturing and delivering video, sensor, and telemetry data. Additionally, our software provides the option for arbitrary data payloads, allowing for custom applications and virtually endless possibilities for your underwater research mission. Fit our flexible software to your custom needs and deliver data where you want, when you want.


No matter your ambitions in the marine space, Mission Robotics builds technology on open standards and frameworks, including Robot Operating System 2 (ROS2). This means that our systems can be adapted to your unique goals, including new robotics systems, custom sensors, special software components, and anything you may need. Let’s work together on the future of ocean exploration.


State-of-the-art connectivity means real-time capabilities from across the globe. Build autonomous underwater systems, connect and control drones from across the planet with internet teleoperation, or simply pilot your ROV from ship or shore with high-speed video feeds in stunning definition. Users could pilot a single drone from a local shore, or command a fleet of automated ocean exploration drones from the other side of the planet.

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